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Educator’s 411 & Assessments

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The Educator’s 411 provides teachers, mental health professionals and counselors with the information needed to make the YSS program a classroom success. Complete with set-up steps for classroom management, troubleshooting ideas, lesson plans and chapter-by-chapter suggestions for implementing the series, the Educator’s 411 is a teacher’s tool for making the most out of the YSS. The website also contains PD training and a forum to share ideas and skills with other teachers implementing the program.

We also have an Assessments manual that is sold separately. It contains pre- and post- testing for each chapter in the three books (Discover, Manage and Express Your Self). These are quick quiz-like assessments that work well in settings that need to assess but are more limited in time. The manual also contains full length tests for each chapter in every book. These assess the chapter material thoroughly and can be given in open book format if so desired. All assessments are full color matching our unique YSS style. The manual can be purchased at by clicking the “Buy This Book” tab on this page.

Topics Covered


  • YSS Goals
  • Building the self puzzle
  • Defining self education
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Sel

Classroom technique

  • Program length
  • Setting up the classroom
  • Setting the tone
  • First-Fourth Class
  • Teacher review
  • Assessment
  • Troubleshooting

Appendices & Tools

  • The Website
  • Assignment Charts
  • Chapter by Chapter Log

Discounts for educators and bulk purchases!

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