How do self skills benefit my child?

Learning how to navigate life’s social, emotional, physical and moral dilemmas is of paramount concern for the welfare of our children.  Being able to navigate those dilemmas with strength, clarity and confidence is dependent on self skills.  For instance:

When students have social skills they are more likely to successfully navigate peer pressure; 

when students identify with prevention programs, they are less likely to do drugs;  

when students develop empathy, they are less likely to bully and more likely to help a friend who is bullied;

when students understand mental health, they are more likely to make good decisions about their own;

when students become self-aware they are better able to manage their emotions.

when students learn about and develop resilience skills, their creativity flourishes as well as their fear of failure; 

when students discover strategies for communication and collaboration, they feel more successful in future jobs and relationships.

When teens develop these skills through a program such as YSS, life stressors are reduced and academic learning goes up (  By building a strong sense of self, your children have the foundation needed for a happy, purposeful and successful life.


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