What does the website offer?

The website is used to supplement the material discussed in class and provides in depth information on a wide variety of topics.  Teachers may assign certain web “posts” depending on the issues mandated by the State and on the setting and topics the teacher feels is needed for each individual class.  For instance, “nutrition” may be mandated by the State for health classes, while exploring the key components of a  healthy relationships may be appropriate at other times.  In this manner, YSS is able to meet the needs of different settings and individuals. Your children are unique!  We believe they benefit from a program that can address their unique needs.

As such, the website has a wide variety of different topics. Many topics are mandated by schools to teach, such as reproduction, nutrition and smoking.  Many are topics teachers have asked us to provide, such as resilience, decision-making and food allergies. Other topics students have expressed a desire to learn, such as secrets, crushes and back-to-school advice.  Overall, the website provides a safe place (with absolutely no outside advertising anywhere on the site) for teens to learn about who they are in relation to a host of relevant and timely concerns. With every topic, teens are encouraged to post their opinions and participate in various activities.

Please take some time to visit the teen side of the site (link at the bottom of this webpage) to familiarize yourself with the types of topics we cover and the tone we use.  Under each of the six main topic headings, you will find individual topics listed. Click on one-  the content will be on the left side of the page, the additional “posts” in that topic listed in the top right corner. Explore!

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