What is YSS?

Your Self Series™ is a program – consisting of three interactive books and this website – that focuses primarily on the development of the self.   YSS is typically taught during the middle school years but can begin as early as fifth grade and can extend into high school depending on the needs of the population. It is most often taught as a health, advisory or an after school program.

Your Self Series™ empowers young teens with the correct information and encouragement to deal with tough issues, find their inner self and feel more confident in life. How? By helping them develop their identities through a solid sense of self.


A solid sense of self is what enables a person to answer the questions, “Who am I?” and “Where do I want to go in life?” with clarity and confidence.  It is the critical component necessary for sound decision-making, a sense of purpose and life-long happiness. YSS is the only series that provides this self focus – again, a critical component of the teen years and yet one seldom addressed in schools.


Our society talks about happiness and success for our children. But happiness is not the outcome of success. Success is the outcome of happiness. A true inner feeling of worth and belonging is the foundation for motivation, resilience and passion.

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