What type of work load is expected of my child?

Similar to other classes, what your child puts into this program will determine what he will get out of it.  Only your child can discover who she is – it’s an individual process.  However they choose to delve into the program will be reflected in the amount of personal awareness and understanding they achieve.


Of note, the journal is a personal piece of work that your child may choose to keep private.  Teachers will not be reading the information entered.  At most, teachers will ask students to flip through the book quickly to show the teacher that the work is done (not for teachers to read it).  If at any time your child feels uncomfortable answering a question, he can simply write, “I feel uncomfortable answering this.”  The content of what is written is for your child’s eyes only.  It should only be shared with anyone (including you) when your child wants to do so.


If your child is taking YSS as part of a health or advisory class, she may have a greater amount of reading to do than with more traditional health and advisory classes.  However, the reading is not heavy when compared to a traditional textbook – it is conversational in tone.  Moreover, no matter what your child decides to do in life, his health – both physical and mental – is a critical area of importance.  We may not all use algebra on a daily basis or write poetry, but we all benefit from health information every day for the rest of our lives.

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