Why is a program like YSS needed?

Today, young teens are asked to navigate complex social pressures, emotional turbulence, varying expectations, hormonal changes and academic rigors unparalleled by previous generations. How are they managing all of this? Sadly, many are not. Fifty percent of adolescents are now diagnosable with at least one emotional, behavioral or substance abuse disorder (source: Scientific American Mind, January/February 2013). We are raising a generation that does not feel worthy or good enough and because of this we are fast becoming the most heavily medicated, addicted and overweight society on this planet (http://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability.html).  To change these trends we need to provide the strongest foundation possible so that our future generations feel worthy – they are good enough!  It is time for a change. Ask yourself: What is important for your child?  What do you want for his or her future? Most parents generally say things such as:

“love,” “a strong sense of family,” “health,” “success,” “happiness,” “fulfillment,” “peace.”  

These are not things guaranteed by academic success: these are things achieved with a solid sense of self, the goal of YSS. These are states obtained when a child feels worthy.

What do you believe to be the most important lessons for your child? What will propel him into the 21st century mindset fully armed for the small (and large) battles that all adults face? What internal strengths will help him persevere? What weaknesses might she have? How will she overcome them? Are the answers to your questions found in strong academics or strong self skills (communication, resilience, emotional management, etc.)?We aren’t saying that strong academics are not important.  They are.  But strong academics alone won’t bring your child success in life.  Your child needs strong self skills for her academic skills to flourish and bring success.

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