What do you think about addiction? Is it a, no-big-deal kind of a thing, or does the idea of having an addiction seriously scare you so much that you would do anything to avoid it? Do you think you could ever be at risk for addiction or do you believe addiction is for other people, not you?


 I’m totally addicted to sports.


 Not that kind of addiction, Harrison. The serious kind.


 I am serious. I love sports, think about them all the time, I work at conditioning my body and I have a great time when I play.

 Okay, good point, but I don’t think playing sports qualifies as an addiction does it?


That’s a great question. Addiction occurs when pleasure-seeking behavior turns into self-destructive, compulsive behavior. Harrison’s love of sports has not been destructive to him or his relationships with others, so he shows no clinical form of addiction. He finds pleasure in his activities outside of sports, and the pleasures he finds in all activities haven’t diminished (lessened) over time.


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Post Question: Do you know anyone who is an addict? To what is it that that person is addicted? How does it affect you?

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