I am freaking out. I have a geometry quiz tomorrow and I was up too late working on a computer program, so I really didn’t study and as I was leaving the house my mom reminded me how important all my grades are so now I feel more pressure. I just know I will fail and life as I know it will be over!

 Calm down, Steve. It’s just a quiz. And in geometry – you’ll be fine.

 No, I won’t, Taylor. I know geometry well enough to know I don’t know the material. And a quiz is serious. It gets weighted into my grade, which counts toward my whole average, which might come down, which might hurt my chances of getting into a good college or finding a great job, which…

Stop! You’re freaking ME out! I’ve never looked at school that way and seeing you like this, I’m glad I haven’t. Seriously, Steve. Get a grip.

Steve normally has a grip, but today he seems anxious about his upcoming quiz, because he doesn’t feel prepared and his mother added the college concern. Most people feel anxious from time to time, so just when is anxiety normal and when is it something that needs to be addressed? Is Steve at risk for having an issue with anxiety or is he just having a normal anxious moment?

This post will explore those questions about anxiety, and a few others, to help you get a grip on anxiety.  This post will cover:

What Is Anxiety? 

What Is the Difference Between Stress and Anxiety?

Inside an Anxious Mind: How the world looks to someone who is anxious

Is My Anxiety Normal or Not So Normal?

What Is the Cause of Anxiety?

How Is Anxiety Treated?

How Does Anxiety Affect My Health?

What Can I Do to Start Managing My Anxiety?

Bonus YSS: Panic Attacks: What Are They? What Can You Do?

Bonus YSS: What Are The Most Prevalent (Common) Anxiety Disorders?

Bonus YSS: A Challenge: Describe yourself


Post Question: How often do you feel anxious and how severe do you think it is?

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