Basic Health

eyes, ears, skin…

In this section we are going to cover basic health for your eyes, ears, teeth, weight and skin.  
  Wait, why isn’t Taylor in on this section?  She’s always the one so concerned that her hair is like perfect and her skin flawless.


Well, this isn’t really about the way that you look, although taking good care of your self will help you to look better.  Our main concern here, as always, is staying healthy. We will cover:

  • eye health
  • dental care
  • weight
  • ear care
  • skin care

So wait, if I do know this stuff, I might end up feeling better and looking better?




Oh, I’m so sorry Taylor couldn’t make it.  I’ll be sure to fill her in later. (As in, much.)



Post Question: What’s your favorite health tip?

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