Taylor is that writing on your hand?

 Um, what, oh that? Just some doodles.

 Doodles? Since when did you last doodle math equations? Were you cheating?

 Aw come on Nicki, don’t be such a goody-two shoes. It’s just one equation I couldn’t remember and like everyone does it.

 That’s so not true Nicki, not everyone does it. I don’t.

 Yeah but that’s because you’re like a computer brain. You know everything. For some of us, it’s not that easy and plus, with all the work they give us these days, I agree with Taylor… Who hasn’t cheated to keep up?

According to the research, only 25% of students say they haven’t cheated, which means on the flip side, 75% of high school students admit to cheating on tests, homework and other assignments (2010 study Josephson Institute of Ethics as reported in That’s a big number, one that deserves a little attention which will be given in the following posts which can be accessed by clicking on them in the overview list at the top right of this page:

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Who Cheats and Why: The Pressured Student

Who Cheats and Why: The “Why Do This?” Student

Who Cheats and Why: The “Everyone Does It” Student

What’s the Big Deal?

What’s Your School’s Policy and Culture?

How It Feels and What to Do…

Bonus YSS: What Is Plagiarism?

(Unless otherwise noted, information and ideas used in this post were obtained from The Child Study Center:

Post Question: How much cheating happens at your school?

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