Yo guys, seen my muscles recently? I lifted like 110 lbs today. The ladies were checking out my guns.

Don’t act like such a tough guy. You probably don’t know when being tough actually comes in handy, you know, for things that matter other than picking up chicks.

 Uh, sure I do.

 Okay, say some guy collapses in front of you. What do you do?

I got this one guys, CPR!

 Oooh, like the mouth the mouth? Major lip lock.

 No! No kissing! Sheesh, you’ve seen too many movies. CPR is a serious thing, that doesn’t always involve lips… do you know what it does always involve?

 I’m, uh, no …

Most people don’t know what CPR is or how to do it even so don’t worry if you’re in Harrison’s shoes. However, it’s super important to learn because it is a life saving skill. Knowing how to perform CPR is a powerful skill but there are a few things you have to learn before being ready to do it. Here, We’ll walk you through the must-knows and how-to’s of CPR!

Here’s what we’ve got in store for ya:

What Is CPR?

Mouth-to-Mouth Or Chest Compressions?

What Happens in the Body?

Why Should I Learn It?

What is the Most Important Thing to Remember?

How Do I Do It?

Bonus YSS: Mouth-to-Mouth

Bonus YSS – Paula’s Experience with CPR

Post question: Does CPR freak you out?


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