Drugs In General


 Did You Know? Every 15 minutes, a teen dies from alcohol or drug use.


I see kids doing drugs all the time and they don’t seem to care what they learn about it in school. They’re just going to keep doing it.

Well, it’s too bad for them, since I know it’s bad stuff and I’m not interested.

They know it’s bad too, Steve. That’s my point. They know it, they learn it, but they don’t seem to care.

They’re dumb. Sorry to call them names, but that’s just plain stupid to keep doing drugs when they can mess up your life. I wouldn’t do drugs and sacrifice my athletic career.

They’re not dumb people, Harrison. That’s like people saying all jocks are dumb, which isn’t true either. But what is true is that teens do get involved with drugs and some of them continue despite being aware of the consequences. Some don’t even think there are consequences.


Exactly. And although we don’t have all the answers, Taylor, we’re very concerned, just like you. So….

The following sub-posts have been created to help you explore just “why” people become involved with drugs and what some of the real risks and effects are. The  second post, however, asks you to do something you may never have done before…

(no, not drugs!)…

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Peer Pressure

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Who Are You When It Comes To Drugs?

Bonus YSS: Patrick’s Story

 PQ: What do you think is the main reason people (or you) do drugs?

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