Drugs Q&A

Welcome to the Drugs In General Special Q&A.  


To find out how much you know about various drugs, this Q&A has been designed especially for you. Please imagine that you are driving a bus and picking up passengers.


You’re the driver (and, sorry, you have to pretend to be a heterosexual guy) during this fictional adventure that you and 10 teens are about to take.


Teens #1-5 are girls.
Teens #6-10 are boys.
They range in ages 11 to 19.

Also, they are not in any particular order….


As you drive the fictional course, answer the questions to save their lives. How many teens are still on your adventure when you reach your final destination?

[Facts and figures from Monitoring the Future Survey, Mt. Sinai Adolescent Health Center, and years of brainpower.]


Before you answer the first question below, make your prediction in the Post Question: HOW MANY LIVES WILL YOU SAVE?


Oops, hurry up, here’s your first passenger…..


First stop: Teen # 9: His life is in your hands….


A 17 year-old boy falls into the category of the 42% of 12th graders who (in 2009) have tried pot. In fact, you know he uses a lot of pot.  Now you see him at a party where lots of other drugs are available. You know he wants to be a star swimmer in college. What drug is he most likely to abuse if pot is not available at the party, but all sorts of other illegal drugs are?


  1. Prescription drugs 
  2. Inhalants 
  3. Alcohol 
  4. Steroids


And how will you handle the situation?


  1. Find out who is dealing and tell that person that you have a new and eager customer
  2. Make an anonymous phone call to the police and bust up the party
  3. Call a cab – you drank too much worrying about the situation and you’ve risked the lives of ALL your passengers
  4. Steer your friend away from the drugs by suggesting another party or activity 


Move to the next sub-post to see if you saved a life…

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