Designer Drugs Q&A

Ecstasy, Designer Drugs and Heroin Q&A

Don’t let the name fool you – these drugs are anything but fashionable. See just how “in the know” you are about these drugs with our quick Question and Answer that starts below.

Give yourself 2 points each time you get an answer right.

Give yourself negative 2 points each time you get an answer wrong.

Keep track on a separate piece of paper.

You may not have a CLUE as to the answer of some of these questions. (Maybe that is because you could care less about drugs and have no intention of taking any – rock on!) For those situations where you don’t have a clue, give yourself a zero – no penalty. But no reward, since you need to know something about this stuff in order to keep yourself safe.


Question #1: Ecstasy & Molly drugs make you feel a sense of “love” so they can’t be all that dangerous. Love is a good thing right?

True or False?

Please visit the next post to see if you are correct.

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