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 Hey, Nicki, check this out. My mom gave me a credit card. Let’s go to the mall and I’ll buy us dinner and stuff. I’m dying for some new dresses and that perfume all the guys seem to like.

 Wait a second, Taylor. Your mom gave you a credit card and said you can just spend all you want with it?

Yeah, basically. She said I’d learn a lot about money if I have a credit card. So, come on! Let’s go learn about money while we enhance our fabulous wardrobes. Well, maybe we’ll enhance mine and do a general overhaul on yours.

 Though that is an offer almost too wonderful to refuse, Taylor, I’d have to pass. I have a feeling the credit card lesson your parents are trying to teach has very little to do with a day at the mall.

Really? Then what is the lesson here? That my wardrobe is really bad?


Most likely, the lesson Taylor’s parents were trying to teach Taylor was about handling money responsibly.

This post will enable you to get a handle on your money. Handling and managing money is a skill – just like the many other skills you have learned in your life. You weren’t born with a $20 bill in your hand nor an ATM card. Financial know-how is not hard wired into your brain. It’s something you learn and yet, oddly, many people don’t discuss financial ideas with teens.

This post changes that because good financial skills take work, just like anything else. Here you will learn the basics about saving and spending to make sure that you have a grip on your money, both literally and figuratively!

You will learn:


Setting Goals

Money In

Money Out

Your Budget – Does It Work?

Forming Habits

What is Emotional Spending? 

Credit Card Caution

Bonus YSS: What Is Interest?

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Post Question: If someone gave you $100, what would you do with the money?

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