Crud, I really need your help, guys.


Why? What’s wrong?


I caught my brother sniffing glue this morning before school.

 So? My sister does that all the time. I don’t know what she keeps breaking all the time that needs so much glue. She’s such a klutz though, I’m not surprised. Gee, I wonder if she’s breaking my stuff…

 Taylor, are you kidding me? Steve, I’m sorry to hear this about your brother but I think Taylor’s sister might have an even bigger problem.

No kidding. But there’s no way to teach someone not to break things.

Taylor, she’s not a klutz. She’s getting high off the fumes of the glue. It’s really bad.

It is bad. And dangerous. And a little troubling to hear that both of you have siblings doing this. Let’s explore this topic, called “inhalants”, so you can learn more about the dangers and how to help people to stop.

Here you will learn:

What are inhalants?

What are the risks and what happens to my body?

Who’s doing it and why?

What to do?

Post Question: What to you think is the main reason teens mess with inhalants?

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