OTC & Prescriptions Q&A

Over-the-Counter and Prescription Drug Use Q&A:

How Much Do You Know? 

Over the counter (OTC) medicines are those that you can buy at the store without a prescription. Some of these medicines contain substances that people are using to get high. Examples of OTC medicines are sleep aids, “stay awake” drugs, cough medicine, diet pills and inhalants (covered in a separate post from OTC in this drug section, but included here in this Q&A because they are legal to purchase).

Prescription medicine requires a written prescription from a doctor before the pharmacist can dispense (sell) the medication to you.

Okay, we gave you a head start with the information above and with the posts on these topics. (Did you read them?) Now let’s see how much you have learned….

Give yourself 2 points each time you get an answer right.

Give yourself negative 2 points each time you get an answer wrong.

Keep track on a separate piece of paper. 

You may not have a CLUE as to the answer of some of these questions. (Maybe that is because you could care less about drugs and have no intention of taking any – rock on!) For those situations where you don’t have a clue, give yourself a zero – no penalty. But no reward, since you need to know something about this stuff in order to keep yourself safe.


Question #1:  “Pharming” is a term used to describe:

  1. tipping cows over while they are sleeping
  2. planting crops of illegal substances
  3. working at a pharmacy
  4. abusing prescription and over the counter medications

Please visit the next post to see if you are correct.

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