Past Experiences

What happened?

[Your Self 101: Manage Your Self has a chapter called YOUR PAST EXPERIENCES.

This link continues from that chapter.]

Past experiences?  Whatever.  Like who wants to talk about the past? It’s over already.

 I don’t know, Taylor.  I like history.  You get to learn how things came to be and why things are the way they are now.

 Puh-lease. I like to live in the present. History is so boring and well, like, I think this is about your personal history. Of course, mine is a fabulous read, so I can understand why people would want to read all about me…

 Our personal histories? That’s what this section is about? Um… yeah, like, whatever.  That’s in the past.  Let’s go grab an ice cream, Taylor.

Whoa. Hang on there.  You can try to leave your past behind, but we suggest taking a closer look instead.  It can really help you understand who you are and, most important, give you a starting point to help make the changes in your life that you would like to see.

Past experiences can inspire, defeat, uplift, immobilize, terrorize, awaken, enable, cripple or empower your spirit. Their effects are limitless but, yes, navigating their effects can be tricky. Are you aware of the effects of your past experiences? We have so much information to cover in this section but we will attempt to be as brief as possible (really!). Here is our topic outline:

Brief Introduction

Why This Stuff Matters

Steps to dealing with the past

The Effects of Experiences… happy ones first

Sad experiences and beyond

The Pebble in your shoe

The Effects of Trauma

Bonus YSStuff: What to do if you need help

I still think ice cream sounds more appealing.

Stick around, you just may be surprised… and enlightened.

Post question: How does thinking about your past make you feel?

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