Basic Hygiene

Keep it clean!

Personal hygiene is taking care of yourself so you are


so you

don’t smell

and so you

look presentable and approachable.


Also called “grooming,” your personal hygiene habits keep you looking good, feeling good and healthy.

Did You Know? According to The Telegraph (London) in November of 2011, research shows that the average male spends 81 minutes a day on grooming while women spend 75 minutes.  YES! MEN took longer showers, spent more time shaving and more time picking out an outfit!  Who knew??

(full article:

Whoa!  Obviously they didn’t get Taylor in that study!

Whoa your self!  How many hair gels do you have, Harrison? And I always see you combing your hair.

Hey!  That’s so not fair.  I play football. I wear a helmet.  I get helmut-head.

Some people groom A LOT. Some people groom too little.

No matter how much grooming you do, we’re here to cover the basics so you can avoid embarrassing moments like, “Where is that smell coming from?” And, “Is that dandruff or did I see something moving in your hair?” And even, “Uhhh, there’s some spinach in your teeth… which we ate yesterday.”

So let’s get into the main grooming issues we all face.  We’ll start with the smelly ones first…

Post Question: Did your parents ever discuss personal hygiene with you or did you just have to learn it yourself?

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