Self Injury / Cutting

 OMG, Niki, look at your belly! Are you cutting yourself?


Uh, no, Taylor, I had an appendectomy. That’s when you have an emergency operation and they remove your appendix. That’s a scar. Far different than what cutting scars would look like. I can show you those if you want.

Huh? So you do cut?!

 I used to. I don’t anymore.

I know a guy on my team who cut. The coach found out and they made a deal that whenever this kid wants to cut he has to do 20 push ups instead. I don’t think he’s cutting because, man, is he in great shape!

 Cool. Good for him. I stopped cutting when I figured out why I was doing it in the first place…

As you will learn, cutting is a form of self-injury – when a person chooses to harm himself using all sorts of different objects, from razor blades and thumbtacks to erasers and nail files, or even with just his own nails or teeth. But no matter which method is used, the question remains, why would someone self harm in the first place?

Experts and teens themselves report that cutting is often a way to express and deal with deep distress and emotional pain. This post explores just what is happening and offers some help along the way.

You will learn:

1. What is cutting and why do people do it?

2. What are the signals that someone is cutting?

3. Social contagion – they cut, should I?

4. Consequences

5. Underlying emotions: Tara’s story

6. Strategies and advice for people who cut

YSS BONUS: Questions & resources if you cut


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Post Question:  Have you ever heard of cutting? Have you ever heard of self harm?


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