So, did you guys hear the latest? Apparently Steve fell asleep in computer class. That’s like totally unheard of since he practically teaches the class himself!

Taylor! How do you think he feels about it? You don’t need to go tell the whole school.

What? It’s not like every other kid in school isn’t falling asleep all the time. But for Steve to do it in computer lab, well like that’s weird! I’m worried about him.

You’re worried about someone besides you? Talk about weird.

What’s weird is that you guys get enough sleep. Aren’t you tired?

 Yeah, totally. Who isn’t?

Teens do seem to be constantly sleep deprived these days – and there are lots of different reasons, some you can control and some you can’t. In this Post we are going to cover all of those reasons in addition to the consequences. You will read about:

Sleep and Brain Activity

Sleep Stages

What Happens When We Sleep?

Dangers and Consequences of Sleep Deprivation

Good Sleep Habits

Bonus YSS: Sleep Disorders

 Oh, I want to learn about all that stuff! I need to make sure I get my beauty sleep.

Wait. Taylor actually just said she wanted to learn something?  Wow, this post is getting weirder and weirder…

Post question: Have you ever fallen asleep in class? Tell the story.



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