Smoking Q&A

To help you think a little bit more about smoking and what kind of role you want it to play in your life, we’ve created a little “Q&A” for you.

How much do you really know about smoking??

Each post in this section will pose a question about smoking. Post your answer as a reply (if you dare), and then move onto the next post to find out if you were correct.

Give yourself 2 points for every correct answer,

– 2 for every wrong answer,

and if you have to guess because you had no idea, give yourself 0.

Then move onto the next question (which is located right in that post). Make sure to keep track of your score for you final evaluation at the end of these posts.

 Did You Know? More than 440,000 people in America die each year from smoking related deaths. 


The earlier you start smoking cigarettes, the greater your chances of premature death associated with smoking.


True or False?

Post Question: Go ahead. Post your answer, if you dare… or leave a comment;)

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