Bad Breath and death anyone?

 Did You Know? One out of five deaths in the United States is a result of smoking. Over 400,000 Americans die each year from smoking. More than 90% of adult smokers reported that they started smoking in their teens.

Wow.  Those are some crazy statistics.  Especially the one about 90% of smokers starting in their teens.  I bet they never thought they were going to die from it or that they wouldn’t be able to quit.


Exactly!.  Most of them thought they could quit if they wanted and most never thought they would end up dying because they couldn’t quit.


What will you think?  What will you choose to do?


The following four posts will help you to think about who you are when it comes to smoking.  They include:



That’s all good stuff, although I hope most peeps on this site won’t have to read the last one.



Post Question: What do you think causes people to start smoking?

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