STI-s, including HIV

Keep ‘em away

This section covers sexually transmitted infections, more widely known as “STIs.”

Ew, gross! Sex and infections? Why are you making me learn this stuff?

Taylor, take your fingers out of your ears. Ignoring this stuff doesn’t make it disappear. You need to know it whether you are thinking about having sex or not.

Uh, I can’t hear you…. ding a ling a lala lala lala!!!

STI’s are part of some of the MANY physical complications that can arise from having sex. This section does NOT cover the MANY psychological complications that can arise from having sex before you are ready (even if you really thought/think you were/are ready!).  The psychological implications of sex is covered in our upcoming section: Sex?!!? Ready, set, NO. (Coming 2014)

 Just hearing the word is more than I can handle! And, why do they keep repeating the word “sex” in bold, over and over again? Ugh! They just did it again!!

You most likely will eventually have sex. (Maybe you already have.) Here, aspects of sex, you will read a very brief and broad discussion on the physical health aspects of sex but we urge you to seek outside sources if you are having anxiety, stress, pressure, confusion, or any number of feelings or concerns. Sex is supposed to be pleasurable and intimate. If you are doing it to fit in, feel popular, increase your self-esteem, or just because he says he loves you, then we are so happy you are reading this. (Sometimes we will use the male gender pronoun and other times the female pronoun, so we are sharing, not stereotyping.) We hope that through reading this you will have a better idea of the importance of treating sex for what it is: an act that has far reaching implications on your health, your life and your well-being.

Enough already!! Can we just get on with it?  What are we going to be covering… so I know just how long I have to sing my la la la’s?

This section covers:

So, as Taylor said, let’s get on with it-


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    yes, because people need to learn about how unsafe sex harms people and how to be carefull