Stress Reduction

 Harrison, look at Taylor over there. What is she doing?


I don’t know. She looks like she is having a panic attack. Let’s go see.


 Taylor? Are you okay? What are you doing?


 Oh, hi. Yeah, well, about that…. Did you guys really see that? Oops. Well, okay, the truth is that I’ve been really stressed out lately and I heard that if you drink a glass of water upside down and then gargle while skipping in a circle, you feel better.


 Where did you hear that?


 You don’t think it works? Some girls told me to do it.


 Would those be the girls over there laughing and taking pictures?


 Omg, now I am really stressed!


Stress can attack us at any time, but when it does, we want to make sure we are ready. Being ready means that we realize when we are stressed and we deal with it before it overwhelms us.


If you haven’t read the post on “What is stress” then please read that first. It explains not only what stress is, but what it does to your brain and your body and the important role that thoughts and emotions play.



Here we will dive into the various ways that you can beat stress. Beating stress doesn’t always mean that you wait for stress to happen and then react to it. Some of the best strategies involve anticipating what may cause you stress (triggers) and then making sure that those stress triggers don’t get pulled – these we call our proactive strategies (Squash Stress). Equally important when you are being proactive is to monitor how well you eat, sleep and exercise. These three elements of your life play a HUGE roll in avoiding stress and also dealing with stress when it happens.




We also have strategies to Soothe Stress. These strategies are great to use proactively as well as reactively, which means that you can meditate and be mindful all the time, but when stress enters your life, definitely think about using these strategies.



We will cover:



The importance of being proactive when it comes to stress


Squash Stress 1: Perspective & Control


Squash Stress 2: Support and communication


Squash Stress 3: Know your SELF, especially your fears


Squash Stress 4: Sleep, nutrition and exercise


Soothe Stress 1: Relaxation method


Soothe Stress 2: Mindfulness


Soothe Stress 3: Meditation


Soothe Stress 4: Quick releases




Post question: How do you know when you are stressed?


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2 responses to “Stress Reduction”

  1. WLKHS712 March 7, 2017 at 6:03 pm

    When i’m stressed I feel something internally that is indistinguishable from anything else and I know I am stressed.

  2. WLKHS507 March 6, 2017 at 4:52 pm

    You know when you are stressed when your heart beats faster and you can feel adrenaline going through your body. You become mindful and worried.