Personal Safety

 Nicki, you need to be careful riding your bike around – yesterday, I was walking home from school and someone was following me.

 OMG really?! What happened??

 it was really freaky, but when I noticed I was being followed, I called my mom and she told me what to do.

What did she say??

 She said to first, let the stalker know that I was aware of his presence and then to change directions.  After that, she said to seek help from someone nearby.

And did that work?!

 Yeah, I walked to the nearest deli and P’s father was in there so he drove me home.

I’m glad you’re safe!

 Yeah, me too! I’m definitely still a little rattled though so mom signed me up for a self-defense class to boost my confidence and take better charge of my safety.


How you take charge of your own safety? That’s what this post is all about – all the different ways at home and around town that you can protect yourself from accidents and dangers. In this post you will learn about:


Keeping Safe When Out and About

Accident Prevention

Fire Prevention

Electrical Safety

Poisoning Prevention

Preventing Break-in’s


 Did you know? Teens are the victims of the most violent crimes. Also, about 50% of all of these violent crimes, committed against teens, occur near the victim’s homes – within one mile of their home. And what is even more surprising is that many victims know their attackers!


(This post was inspired by awesome health teacher, Nicole Harvey of the Mount Vernon NY School District and guided by the information in Glencoe Health, McGraw-Hill, Chapter 26 Injury and Personal Safety.)


Post Question: What is one safety tip you’d like to share?

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