What is normal?

 I’m so bubbly! Yeah Me! But, seems to me teens “act out” all the time. Is that normal? Is everyone I know at school mentally ill then, except bubbly me?  

What is normal? We hear what you’re saying.  As a young teen you are just discovering who you are and how to manage who you are, so it’s likely that you are going to make mistakes from time to time – “pop your lid” – that’s normal.  Learning from your mistakes is what separates mental health from mental breakdown. Remember, one definition of insanity is: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. When you know you’ve made a mistake, own it and it won’t own you. That way, mistakes won’t become patterns of behavior that stick with you throughout your life.

Mistakes: Own them so they don’t own you.

So if you are acting out in a destructive or maladaptive way, you might want to start becoming more AWARE of your feelings.The books of the YSS program focus on this skill, so if you are having difficulty in this area, please consider reading them! In addition, you might want to take a look at some of the experiences you have had and how you feel about them. (Check out the past experiences link.)

The ability to deal is different for everybody and may even change over time.  But you can take our brief “To get help or not to get help” quiz (coming soon!) that will give you an idea of what behavior patterns might need attention.  Most important, you may wish to remember that seeing a psychologist or counselor can be a sign of mental health, not mental illness. Seeing a mental health professional is NORMAL. If you want more information on staying mentally fit, you can read our Three Tips for Staying Mentally Fit.

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Well, when it comes to mental health, you really are a good case study.

POST QUESTION:  What does “normal” mean to you? Do you want to be it? If so, How do you achieve it?

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